“Finding freelance journalists who are on top of their game is often hit and miss. The qualities that make a great one include listening, really listening, and then telling the story. Ms. Kuropatwa succeeds by hearing what the story is, even hearing between the lines, and telling it with honest skill.” - Kinzey Posen, CBC Producer


“I always find working with Rebeca Kuropatwa to be a pleasure. She is a bright, capable, and clear writer, able to capture the complexity of an issue or express the mood of an event with ease. I highly recommend her.” - Gayle Waxman, Exec Dir Rady JCC

“Rebeca is, without question, one of the five or six most outstanding people I have worked with. Her devotion to the success of newcomers in Canada, and her writing, helped us a lot to educate Canadians about the gifts newcomers are bringing in Canada.  Rebeca is not only an amazing person, but she is also personally delightful.  She is confident, engaging, and pleasant to be around. As I got to know her, I became only more impressed with the wide range of her abilities and by her modesty about them.” - Serge Kaptegaine, Director, Canadian Centre for Refugee Employment (CCRE) 


“Rebeca has reported on a number of new initiatives and programs offered by JCFS in Winnipeg. I appreciate the sensitive and respectful way that Rebeca asks her interview questions. Her articles reflect a good understanding of the topic and help the reader comprehend how the program or service benefits the clients we serve. I have enjoyed reading the articles that Rebeca writes for other organizations as they are both interesting and informative.” - Merrill Shwaid, JCFS


Rebeca Kuropatwa is an enthusiastic freelancer who never misses a deadline. -Leeann Minogue, Editor, Grainews magazine


“My experience is that Rebeca always has lots of good ideas to present. Her story proposals are well focused and cover a wide range of issues. I particularly like that Rebeca gets on with the task at hand with minimal fuss and bother. She is enthusiastic, motivated and completes story assignments in a timely manner. Rebeca knows how to structure a story. Her writing is clean and clear. I have been very pleased with all the stories she has submitted to our publication. She is a good journalist, a good writer, and an extremely nice person to deal with.” – Richard Bronstein, Publisher, Jewish Free Press Newspaper, Calgary, Alberta


“If I wanted to ask someone to write about an event, who would I call? If I wanted to suggest someone to report on what’s happening, who would I suggest? The answer is Rebeca Kuropatwa. I have participated in many events and activities on which Rebeca Kuropatwa has reported and then read her reports. I have seen enough of her work reporting on events or activities where I know what happened to be confident that whatever she is asked to write will be done accurately, responsibly, and responsively, showing understanding. I have also read many of her articles about events and activities in which I have not participated. They are, in my view, informative and engaging. Because her reporting is trustworthy, I have confidence in the information she conveys.” - David Matas, Senior Legal Counsel B’nai Brith Canada


“As a Managing Editor, my priority for any publication I oversee is a strong editorial board. Rebeca is an excellent proofreader–her unwavering eye catches the most enigmatic of typos–and her skills helped the literary anthology Soliloquies 8 be a success within Montreal’s creative writing community.” April Ford, SNAFU Anthology Managing Editor


“Rebeca Kuropatwa has been a regular writer for The Jewish Post & News for many years now. Always diligent about completing assignments quickly, Rebeca is eager to tackle topics of a very wide range and often quite complex ones. She knows how to write exactly the right number of words needed for a particular story and provides good photos when necessary. As a professional journalist, Rebeca never injects her own thoughts into a story unlike so many writers these days. On those rare occasions when she has wanted to advocate for a particular group, for instance, she has asked for permission to do so, but never used the word “I” in what she wrote. Always a pleasure to deal with, Rebeca is capable of producing quality material on short notice.” – Bernie Bellan, Publisher/Editor, Jewish Post & News, Wpg, MB


“Rebeca Kuropatwa is an excellent and refreshing reporter and writer.  I have been privileged to be a subject of a few of Rebeca’s interviews.  She is always fair and honest and never misquotes her subjects.  I can always sleep well knowing that she will never write anything that I haven’t said. She is diligent in her research concerning any topic she is reporting.  She is just an all around pleasant and efficient individual.” Rev. Rudy Fidel, Spiritual Leader, Faith Temple, 968 Notre Dame Ave


“Rebeca is a talented young journalist.  It is evident from her writing that she’s committed to her craft.  I like the way she focuses on the human aspects of a story, regardless of the topic, without sacrificing other important details.  I always look forward to reading Rebeca’s work in The Jewish Post & News and other publications.” - Martin Zeilig, Journalist


“Rebeca is a thoughtful writer. She is thorough, professional, and dynamic.” - Rob Berkowits, Executive Director, Jewish National Fund – Manitoba/Saskatchewan


“I have known Rebeca Kuropatwa as a friend and journalistic colleague for ten years and would highly recommend her work as a journalist, researcher and writer.” - Myron Love, Journalist


“I really appreciate Rebeca’s scope of reporting. With such a breadth of subject matter, integrity and accuracy prevail as Rebeca elicits information and opinion from pertinent sources (usually experts in the field) she is reporting on, and she asks them the probing, key questions needed to understand well the topic at hand. One of the areas that I cherish most about Rebeca’s illuminating writing is her writing on community.  Rebeca brings great ventures to our table, providing us with so much richness to choose from or just for us to appreciate and to inspire. Once could say she helps provide us with the great gift of arriving back where we started, and know[ing] the place for the first time. (T.S. Eliot, Little Gidding). - Malinda Zdrill, care homes team leader, St Amant