"Rebeca writes compelling, inspirational stories for publications and organizations."

She unravels complex matters, offering clarity with her insightful, crafted prose.



“Finding freelance journalists who are on top of their game is often hit and miss. The qualities that make a great one include listening, really listening, and then telling the story. Ms. Kuropatwa succeeds by hearing what the story is, even hearing between the lines, and telling it with honest skill.” - Kinzey Posen, CBC Producer


“I always find working with Rebeca Kuropatwa to be a pleasure. She is a bright, capable, and clear writer, able to capture the complexity of an issue or express the mood of an event with ease. I highly recommend her.” - Gayle Waxman, Exec Dir Rady JCC

Rebeca Kuropatwa

Kuropatwa: - noun, in Polish - “prairie chicken”

Kuropatwa: - proper name. Taken on by Rebeca Kuropatwa’s paternal family.


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